I recently was employed as a cashier for store 409 of Dickson Tenn. I experienced racism and bigotry from a "Bailey" upon starting work there.

She has a practice of taking monies out of your assigned register and blaming the target for the theft. She and the other manager allowed the staff to punch in from their cell phones while no where on site. Allow over a thousand transactions to go under their names when they have been off for days? The company rewards top cashier's for their efforts.

I had become the top cashier !!! Sonya and Bailey increased their bigotry and racism by limiting my access to the cash register. Threatened to fire me if caught operating 2cash registers again while allowing maintenance men,with access to all registers to run 2 registers right in front of me. I was unable to work for a "Callie" this past Friday .Sonya and Bailey removed me from the schedule?

I have not worked since. The other night I went to check to see did I still have access to the computer. I did. Bailey came up to me and lured me into the office behind the counter.

Bailey then vegan lying stating 29 dollars was missing from the register last Tuesday? But you wrongfully terminate me BAILEY seeking to hide your racism and hatred for black men!!! Pilot overall is an outstanding company!!! Unfortunately bad people manifest everywhere!!!

None of the associates passed the on boarding certifications resulting in no raises. My wrongful termination I believe has multiple"reasons". 1 being to plagiarization of those certifications through store 409. Bailey as she was lying the other night had Nicolas to block my ability to leave the store.

Holding me against my will as Bailey looked on. After a minute or so I was able to push past this big guy. Never issued handbook. Never wrote up.

Again,passed ALL certifications!!!

Oh,Bailey worked for Regis Salons for 30 years!!! The company that are presently aggravated identity thefting me and my family after wrongfully terminating me on August 13,2016 from the Smartstyles there in Knoxville TN. The EEOC greenlighted me to file a lawsuit for the numerous violations they found. Regis/Empire have seized total control over my and my spouse lives through aggressive cyber/physical stalking.

Title VII was one of the charges against Regis.

The retaliation against me and my family never stopped!!! These criminals have all but destroyed my life!!!

I'm going to continue to fight you vicious criminals until you are stopped!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Pilot Flying J Manager.

Reason of review: Work Experience or Job Application.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Pilot Flying J Pros: Excellent pay with the potential to advance.

Pilot Flying J Cons: Bigotry and racism in management.

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LOL Man, you have quite the imagination. Nothing is your fault, eh?You really think you're so important that companies are going to spend all this money to harass you and stalk you? Get some professional help.


My name is Brien J Charles. Spouse of Tennise Charles currently of Memphis Tennessee.

We're both top graduates of Empire Education Group/Regis Salon of Jackson Tennessee. We are both licensed. My # is 175758. Spouse #176627.

We discovered in February 2017 that Empire Education Group were/are practicing an aggravated identity theft,aggravated cyber/physical stalking initially by Regis Salon /Empire Education. Now Kroger of Knoxville,Smartstyles of Knoxville, Pilot Flying J of Dickson Tennessee have assisted these criminals in further injuring me and my family by taking my job October 30,2019 but kept my file open#392640 passing my exemplary onboarding task scores out throughout their company granting raises and promotions to incompetent racist people everywhere!!! My spouse social security # was used at Pilots Fairview Tennessee store seeking to hide the criminal acts of management .In August of last year Pilot while cyber/gangstalking us in San Diego California was able to get our then Skylight paycard duplicated and promptly forwarding themselves over $8,000.00 ? My spouse was working at GreatClips of Dickson Tenn.

a subsidiary of McRocket GreatClips whom wrongfully terminated me shortly after our graduation and licensure and relocation to Knoxville. McRocket sought to help Empire Education Group/Regis Salon continue their aggravated identity theft,cyber/gangstalking. Someone was able to have a debit card in my and my spouse name sent out to them.

As I try to go into our "change banking" section and insert our direct deposit information I am blocked by our especially aggravated identity theft,aggravated cyber/physical stalking perpetraters. Regis Salon and Fantastic Sam's filed our initial unemployment accounts(05/09/2016) fraudulently.


Pilot is still blocking us from getting my unemployment and my job(#392640) back!!! They forwarded over $8000.00 to someone they gave my permanent paycard to.

Cyber stalking is nothing for Pilot. Gangstalking. Unemployment insurance fraud. Aggravated identity theft.

Blatant EEOC violators. Bigotry and racism in management. Brien Charles former cashier on Highway 46 Dickson Tenn. Pilot Flying J.

Job (#392640) taken from me October 30,2019 but file kept open passing exemplary onboarding task scores out throughout their company. Blocked my unemployment somehow?


My name again is Brien J Charles author of "wrongful termination" complaint at Pilot Flying J of Dickson Tenn store 409. Not only did they take my job (#392640) but they used my spouse social security number at their Fairview Pilot Flying J .

Never reporting the taking of my identity and job on 10/31/2019 but keeping exemplary file open allowing incompetent racist people to copy onboarding task scores securing raises and promotions on my merit and smarts. Blocking our unemployment by committing mail fraud,unemployment insurance fraud. They cut off our unemployment in July as they forwarded over $8000.00 received from Tennessee Workforce and Development earmarked to me and my spouse.They gangstalked us all over the country having hotels to give them our receipts and giving us duplicates.Myvspouse got the Skylight paycard at JCPenny Enstyle Salon (08/23/2016 - 10/28/2017).

Somehow JCPenney West Town Mall never placed her on their roster allowing Empire Education Group/Regis Salon and now Pilot Flying J of Dickson to retaliate on us for my seeking to report both past and present state and federal crimes against me. Justice must be served!!!


Pilot Flying J of Dickson Tennessee are stealing my and spouse unemployment insurance right this second!!! My job was taken by a "Bailey" 10/31/2019.

Never reported taking of my job(392640) and the using of my spouse maiden name and social security#at their Fairview store seeking to elude the authorities and defraud me and the federal government of taxable income!!! Vicious,racist aggravated identity thieves, aggravated cyber,physical stalkers!!!Regions Bank account #029700**** opened 09/14/2020 in Cartersville Georgia was created,I discovered from a Regions Bank account in my spouse maiden name"Robinson" we opened in 2007. My spouse name has been Charles since May 29,2007. Empire Education Group/Regis Salon are a group of racist criminals as well!!!

Stole our identities 11/2013 opening fraudulent Title IV accounts throughout the country using our socials. Thus far with impunity!!!


These people are presently stealing my and my spouse identities. Aggravated cyber and physically stalking us using all their resources in law enforcement,public office to block my every attempt at accessing our hard earned credentials.

Hugh Sawyer and Eric Bakken of Regis Salon are involved in the ongoing blacklisting and harassment of me and my spouse.

Vicious racist these criminals!!! I'm going to blow this whistle until it breaks!!!


Again I'm Brien J Charles presently of Memphis Tennessee. Still homeless from a vicious aggravated identity theft aggravated cyber, physical stalking by Empire Education Group/Regis Salons,Pilot Flying J of Dickson Tennessee.

A school in Jackson Tenn.,out of Pennsylvania headed by vicious racist thieves!!! Pilot used my spouse social security number/identity at their Pilot Flying J of Fairview Tennessee seeking to suppress the taking of my job. Plagiarism of my 100% onboarding paperwork. Passed out throughout several stores granting raises and promotions to incompetent racist people.

Of course neither of these companies paid us unemployment. Having debit cards forwarded to their stalkers as I write. My Pilot employee ID is 392640. Probably still "active" stealing my and my spouse identities denying our basic civil,human rights!!!

The owner of the company was over HR during my time there. I contacted an "ethics line" posted in the break room. I spoke with them about 4 times. On October 28,2019 me and my spouse went into the Board of Cosmetology and barbering to inquire about our cosmetology license(175758,176627).

We were literally ran out the building by Regis Salon/Empire Education Group employees seeking to maintain a strangle hold on our ability to make money to provide for ourselves!!! I reported the theft of our identities to the Tennessee Economic Crime Division (Memphis) on September 11,2018. Well ,I tried to? I was promptly arrested and charged with a seat belt offence from 25 years ago if someone else?

I came back and my "limited" police report was downgraded to a "memo" with the aggravated identity theft, aggravated cyber,physical gangstalking increasing exponentially. Our unemployment was cut off July as Pilot Flying J forwarded over $8,000.00 to the white male they allowed to work under my social at their Fairview Pilot as Restaurant manager. They used my spouse identity at the Fairview Pilot seeking to suppress their ongoing crirminal activity against us. I've tried to report official misconduct by the Shelby County office of prosecution.

Historically they went out of their way to prosecute me for crimes I didn't commit but refuse to stop Pilot Flying J of Dickson Tennessee and Regis Salon ongoing domestic terror like aggravated cyber, physical stalking. I haven't worked since Pilot took my job in October. They call everywhere we go somehow? Tracking devices were inserted in my phone(619944****) remotely by the high paid technology people employed by these corrupt corporations.

I'm a fighter!!! I'm going to fight these vicious,racist criminals all the way !!!


Pilot has somehow taken control of my and my unemployment accounts through aggravated cyber stalking, aggravated identity theft practices. We opened or "reopened" bank accounts at Regions Bank in Cartersville Ga.

Somehow the transaction was being controlled in Alabama? Needless to say,we still have not received our Tennessee unemployment checks since July?

These people bribe Jobs4tn ,Workforce and Development, Tennessee Human Rights Commission,EEOC and more!!! Vicious bigotry and racism !!!


My and my spouse unemployment was criminally cut off by persons working for Pilot Flying J of Dickson Tenn and Fairview Tenn. My employee #392640 with immaculate on boarding task scores was seized by HR and passed out throughout several locations allowing racist, incompetent people to receive raises , promotions to top management positions while me and my spouse are gangstalked all over the country(aggravated identity theft) !!!

Somehow our unemployment claims were cut off by these people? They seem to hate heterosexual men of color with a passion!!! Took my job on or about 10/31/2019 but kept vital information,record open in order to create various fraudulent accounts in my name. My job and credentials were seized!!!

My spouse identification was inserted into Pilots(Fairview store under #392640) payroll inorder to block our every attempt in freeing ourselves of these bigoted people out of Knoxville Tennessee. Prior to the taking of my job I contacted the ethics line posted in their break room. The ethics line turned out to be HR seeking to head off and suppress any complaints. Mainly those pertaining to racism by management.

My name is Brien Charles. I'm a licensed cosmetologist and master barber out of Memphis TN. Me and my spouse have been blacklisted by Regis Salons/Empire Education Group for seeking to report the theft of over $120,000.00 in Title IV funds by persons employed at Regis Salons. On 08/13/2016 Regis Salons wrongfully terminated me from their Smartstyles Salon on Kinzel Way Knoxville Tennessee and seized $1800.00 I had earned in commission.

Have called or forwarded fraudulent documents to several companies having me wrongfully terminated on the spot. "Bailey" my manager at Pilot Flying J of Dickson remarked to me and my spouse 1 day ,"I worked for Regis Salons for 30 years"? Regis Salons filed our unemployment claims for us !!! I've attempted to file for my unemployment at least 4 times on Pilot Flying J.

Somehow they are able to block my every move towards normalcy and self sufficiency? They were able to "marry" old accounts (Skylight) discontinued by us to our allegedly"new" Regions bank account we had while living in Jackson Tenn many years ago. I don't understand why Regions Bank of Cartersville Ga didn't allow us to create a "new" account? Especially after us telling them of our current aggravated identity theft situation?

Pilot Flying J of Dickson Tenn and Regis Salons have apparently "teamed up " to further injure me and my spouse? We've been forced to live out of our car with these criminals having the police to stop and harass us frequently. They created a "Jerome Charles" and a "Tennise Robinson" in order to continue stealing our identities. I filed a arbitration demand(October 30,2017) with the American Arbitration Association#01-17-****-****,Brien J Charles v Empire Education Group/Regis Salons .

Prior to my filing ,our lives were under tremendous attack by these same people!!! The attacks intensified after that filing!!! My spouse has been sexually harassed and bullied unmercifully on her jobs. Attacked from behind on West Town Mall parking lot shortly after work at JCPENNEY Enstyle Salons 08/20/2017 after contacting the Ethics Line with complaints of the same.

The police report was suppressed and the ambulance took her to JCPENNEY workman's compensation hospital/doctors. Knoxville Tennessee is a very prejudiced,biased city towards persons of color. I contacted then Governor Haslam about these issues prior to my spouse being attacked from behind and my wrongful termination at from the Kroger on Kingston Pike 08/24/2017. I was brought into the union after only 2 days with Kroger.

Again I had exemplary onboarding scores. Regis Salons know of my mental capacities I was nicknamed "Mr 100" during my time in their cosmetology school. So far me and my spouse have been denied justice at every turn. I sought to report the theft of our identities,cyber/gangstalking to the Economic Crime Division in Memphis TN (09/11/2018).

Me and my spouse began to interview with a detective. A few minutes later I was told to ,"put your hands behind your back"? They had me arrested on a set belt violation obviously of our identity thieves,cyber stalkers? I'm up this morning trying to get relief for me and my spouse through this medium.

We haven't showered in over a month laboring to stay 2 steps ahead of some very dangerous, unscrupulous people !!! Gangstalking was perfected in Nazi Germany by Hitler's "Brown Shirts". I've been forced to research and look into these experiences. Governor Lee of Tennessee appear to have these criminals on his radar.

We look forward to getting our hard earned unemployment and other monies owed to us by these gigantic companies that have targeted us!!! Thanks for reading this far We were forced to set up GoFundMe and Cashapp's. Of course the GoFundMe is in my name(Brien Charles).

My cashtag is : $BrienCharles6869 Please assist us. Sincerely Brien & Tennise Charles Cosmetologist,175758,176627,Tenn


"My and my spouse" unemployment insurance accounts through fraud. Pilot Flying J of Dickson Tennessee and Regis Salon.


Pilot of Dickson Tenn(409) ran me away from my job around October 31,2019. I had my permanent employee pay card forwarded to the store because of aggravated identity theft, aggravated cyber/physical stalking by Regis Salons.

Bailey,Sonya and persons in HR sought to help Regis Salons injure us further by again giving those criminals our work files. My spouse shows $3,000.00+ that she allegedly earned in Fairview Tenn. She has never stepped foot in the city!!! Pilot took and kept my file open(392640) allowing this white guy that lives at the Quality inn on Highway 46 S to use my spouse social security number but my passed 100% on boarding task.

That explains the $3,000.00+ on her file. My wife was working for McRocket GreatClips of Dickson Tenn at the time but that company never placed her in their files because Regis Salons/Empire Education Group stole $120,000.00 in financial aid and loans enrolling us into their Astoria NY campus maxing out $30,000.00 accounts on both our socials. Pursued us as we tried to earn a living working in Regis Salons sexually harassing my spouse, bullying her while they had me wrongfully terminated on 08/13/2016 from Smartstyles on Kinzel Way, Knoxville TN. Knoxville is a city driven by vicious racism and bigotry!!!

It's nothing to be walking down Kingston Pike and you hear someone holler,"monkey"? Pilot hacked into my Jobs4tn weekly certification account a long time ago!!! I had 8 weeks of "in process" unemployment certifications taken by these criminals. 44 weeks of back pay rerouted to a "debit card",my pay card(?).

We were getting our benefits forwarded on the same Skylight banking card (3184). Pilot however are vicious racist and they refuse to comply with both state and federal law!!! I complained to a "ethics line" about Sonya and Bailey increasingly blatant discrimination. I was "ran off" shortly thereafter!!!

My onboarding scores passed out throughout that store and some more!!! These are incompetent racist people there at Pilot !!! They showed me a hatred because I was intelligent and didn't fit their stereotypes!!! So they are trying to avoid paying me and giving me back my job!!!

I did nothing to have them take my job in the first place!!! Bigotry and racism seek to destroy men and women of color historically!!! My name is Brien Charles. Licensed cosmetologist and a master barber.

My spouse is a licensed cosmetologist. We did nothing to these people but discovered their ongoing crimes against us on 02/2017 where I posted on RipOffreport after the President Office(EEG.) basically told me to go and *** myself (Tina McGovern Naftzinger). Alias for Sandy Myro financial aid for 25years. These people have called every one of our jobs since 11/2013 when they opened the fraudulent accounts.

They used my spouse maiden name on many FAFSA loans.

Real criminals these people!!! What is their left for us to do but fight!!!


Presently aggravated cyber stalking my and spouse phones out of Atlanta GA. 619944**** and 901846****.

No one seems to be willing to stop these vicious people from further injuring me and my spouse!!! To say that we are sick of these criminals would be understating the facts!!! Took my job, unlawfully cut off my and spouse unemployment rerouting our unemployment to themselves. Passed out my extremely high onboarding scores throughout their company.

Vicious these people!!! Justice will catch up with all involved!!! I'm Brien Charles wrongfully terminated at store 409 of Dickson Tenn.

Spouse social security number used at their Fairview store along with my work record(392640). Corporate aggravated identity theft/cyber/physical stalkers!!!


My name is Brien Charles. I'm the young man who has been in an all out fight against Regis Salons/Empire Education Group since 11/2013 when they stole me and my wife's identities along with at least $120,000.00 in fraudulent FAFSA accounts in both our names.

They have called into all our jobs since that time oftentimes having me wrongfully terminated and spouse sexually harassed and bullied. I applied for unemployment back in March right after the Pandemic shutdown against Pilot of Dickson. Somehow they got it removed? I noticed the other day when I went into this Career Center here in Georgia ,Pilot while cyber/physical stalking me were able to seize control of the computer I was using and take and create another "me" here in Georgia rerouting my unemployment back pay to themselves yet again?

These are very unethical people behind my wrongful termination there at Pilot of Dickson Tenn!!! They kept file open allowing other incompetent "whites" to plagiarize my "on boarding" scores in order to get raises why they just took my job away from me!!! We've been homeless since 11/2013 because of the aggravated identity theft,cyber/physical stalking!!! Pilot simply created "another me" and opted to continue injuring me and my family!!!

My Jobs4tn account was long since hacked and rerouted. They created a state of Georgia unemployment claim as I was trying to get my account out of Tennessee,a state that has allowed me and my spouse to be injured in such a manner,thus far. Pilot owes me my job back and 44 weeks of back pay that they are trying to take through aggravated identity theft/stalking tactics!!! I'm going all out to protect me and my spouse!!!

We have a direct deposit account that somehow Pilot removed from my file?

I had 8 weeks if "in progress" unemployment payments plus the 44weeks from my wrongful termination but file #392640 left open giving my vital information to Empire Education Group/Regis Salons in their ongoing attempt to destroy us!!! Can anybody stop these criminals?


How about seeking professional help? I mean from your own statement that you have been solo on all of this.

Why not retain a lawyer? Or contact the Tennessee AG? If they have been doing this to you for seven years then there is plenty of proof against them. In seven years you’ve accomplished what against them?

Time to step up and put your big boy pants on a get the professionals involved. Or just keep being played as a chump and continue to fight with both hands tied behind your back. I know you were hoping to just let this die out so you didn’t have to get the police involved. Have you filed a police report for the ID theft?

The harassment both physically and online? You’re NOT the Lone Ranger. You’re NOT a 1980s action star.

You’re going to keep dealing with this until you get help from those that have the power to put them in jail. I have no stake in your issue, but you do.


Those that have the power to put them in jail are on their payroll here in Shelby County and other cities as well.


Why do they call it "Flying J"???......What's a "Flying J"???


Only Pilot now. Flying J got the *** on,why?

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