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On May 14th,2014 I went to the Flying J in Winchester, Va on I exit 323 and I was harassed, threaten, stalked and abducted / detained like how OJ Simpson did out in a Las Vegas hotel room by a crazy cashier named Sandra Langford. This so not normal cashier refused to get me a manager while I was trying to pay for an item and go on my way.

The item that was being paid for was on the counter top and I was looking at the item to make sure that all was good and ready to pay for item and leave. Well when I was trying to look at the item closer to where I could see what I was actually paying for Sandra Langford jerked the ticket out of my hand and accused me of and assault and battery. Sandra was the one who was the aggressor. Sandra went crazy to the point where she called the police and said she was assulted.

Even though Sandra was the one who violently jerked the ticket out of my hands. If anything she would be the one to be charged with an assault and battery on a customer. This crazy lady followed me out to my vehicle and jumped in front of my vehicle and said you are not going anywhere I am having you arrested. At this point I knew this lady was really crazy and needed help.

A normal right state of mind person does not jump or stand I'm front of any moving vehicle unless they are suicidal or just plain nuts. So beware and be careful when dealing with the staff at this or any Flying J.

I personally would not go back there because Sandra may have false charges filed against you if you get her mad. I am not telling you what to do but so you don't have any false charges filed against you by Sandra Langford don't go there.

Review about: Pilot Flying J Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Flying j and Pilots are nuts.I stay away ss much as I can. Too many crazies....


I know what you mean. You really have to watch who you are dealing with.

I had seen before how this lady deals with customers and she is not in a position to be dealing with the public. They need to fire her or put her cleaning the bathrooms or something.

Your customers are number 1. The customer is always right.


These Flying J's are really nasty. Parking really sucks at the one in Winchester, Va.

Yes the employees are your typical customer service people. They honestly don't care about the traveling public. There has been issues about how the staff treatment towards customers at the Flying J in Winchester, Virginia. My wife and I believe that the people in Virginia do have issues in dealing with people.

If you are not a local they will stick their nose up to you. They have no clue where their income comes from.I just stay away from those Flying J travel plazas so trouble does not occur. You have to consider the source of the people you are dealing with at the Flying J.

The employees are not well educated, if they were they would have better paying job. They are all minimum wage employees.

to Anonymous #861557

You are the person who wrote this complaint, now agreeing with yourself... chump.. what a joke...

to YoMama Staten Island, New York, United States #1060770

Not only that they said that the tapes were edited to make it look like she rather than the cashier was the aggressor.


I've been in Flying J's all over the country when traveling and never had any issues with crazy staff.


Sounds like to me that cashier has has some psychological and emotional issues. That Flying J is know to have really rude staff in fact Flying J is not a place to get the best customer service.


There is A LOT missing from this story.

to Anonymous #912296

Sandra Langford is on probation for 1 year. Anyone who knows what kind of person she is will understand why she is on probation.

She is a troubled person that needs some serious help.

Hope the state of Virginia can provide this trouble lady some serious help for the issues that she has. Just hope she does not harm anyone else who she comes into contact with.

to Hayden #990672

Well Langford no longer works there. She has a CDL since Nov.

Think driving for DART.

Might be living in PA & dating a less than desirable character.


You sound kind of crazy.

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