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My inquiry is about the current parking predicament at truck stops including but not limited to Pilot/Flying J travel centers. Sometimes my shift ends late at night and I show up to a truck stop looking for a spot to park so I can rest.

Often times I’ll see that all the free parking spots are taken, while there are numerous reserved(payed) parking spots open and stay open because not all of them get purchased. So this means I either have to pay out some extra hard-earned money or keep driving till I find a truck stop with available free parking, or just become creative and park somewhere where hopefully I won’t be towed away. I don’t recall ever seeing “reserved” parking back when I first became a truck driver. Successful truck stops such as yours take in billions of dollars each years.

Not millions with an “m” but billions with a “b.” My question is this - how the *** is it that with all the money we drivers bring you each year in fuel expenses you still manage to be greedy enough to demand payment for parking at your travel centers? I have personally been a very loyal customer of Pilot & Flying J specifically out of all the big name travel centers. No longer. From now on I vow to take my business to smaller “mom and pop” places that sell diesel.

*** you. And you greed.

Product or Service Mentioned: Pilot Flying J Parking.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I work at Flying J 696.. And I agree, this company is the epitome of corporate greed.. When the district manager comes in wearing shoes that are equal to a month of my salary..


We need to band together and take our concerns to washington d.c.also take our business to loves.building lots of those.

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