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Purchased fuel astro van, amount $12.73 on 06/09/17 at pilot travel plaza in fernley, NV. A pending charge of $151.00 added to my visa card.

Alwats stop pilot on way to Reno, like your coffee.

I called pilot, questioned why charge?..was told they always charge deposit when customer uses credit card...IT HAS NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. asked when it would drop off my account, "Oh,about a week or so!" This is not acceptable...I want this matter resolved right away, please...Name..Janet Bell, Phone 775-621-8016

Product or Service Mentioned: Pilot Flying J Fuel.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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This is a hold from your BANK, not the fuel station. This is actually very common.

Call YOUR BANK and get it resolved. Typical lazy American wanting someone else to fix their mistakes.

to Fat Stupid Lazy American #1569155

No YOU ARE WRONG! It was Pilot....

we called the cops and got them involved. This morning there’s no charge at all

to Renee0 #1569189 are not seeing the charge now because the actual gas purchase has been recorded, and the hold has fallen off. I'm sure you'll also notice $151 more in your available.

to Fat Stupid Lazy American #1569159

I don’t know why you think Americans are lazy; Not judgemental at all, are you? Or are you jealous because you’re not American.

to Fat Stupid Lazy American #1569185

YOU are an ignoramous!!! Think about it rationally, WHY would a bank tack on an ADDITIONAL hold for a fuel purchase?

The only way a FI(Financial Institution) can "hold" funds, is with an authorization FROM a merchant!!! It was common practice for larger holds when gas prices were insane, but most now only authorize for $1.00.

I'm sure it will come to light that Pilot/FJ does this because of the high amount of tractor trailer and RV traffic that many of their stations service. It has NOTHING AT ALL to do with ANYONE being lazy!!


It's your bank that puts the hold on your card. It's very common. Call your bank and ***, it's not the retailers fault.

to 30YearsRetail #1504558

Not true at all, I travel all over the country only happens at a few gas stations

to 30YearsRetail #1569178

NOT A TRUE STATEMENT!! I work at a major financial institution, and in no way, shape, or form are the banks responsible for the holds.

The bank is only doing what is requested by the merchant. The merchant sets the hold amount and length of the hold, and the FI must comply.

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